Stud Earring


These are the best made bullet earrings you will find for the price, hands down!! We absolutely DO NOT just attach bullets to cheap metal craft store backs! Each bullet is precision set and encased in machined medical grade stainless steel. You can choose to have a smooth edged earring, or a scalloped edge earring, and have whatever caliber you desire, even a shotgun! We precision set Swarovski stones where the bullet primer was, or if desired, you can choose to have no stone, or have the primer made to look unfired. Every piece of these earrings is quality made with care, with the exception of the backs, which Show Your Caliber does not make, but certainly provides. We absolutely work with customers who want to design custom pieces, tiered earrings, etc. If you can think of it, and IF we can make it, we will! We use only authentic bullets and can use special bullets of yours in your pieces if you so desire.